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Top o' the mornin' to ye, for shure and begorra it's Irish I am!!!

My Great Grandfather, John Wesley Huston was born in Londonderry and came here by boat with his parents!! And I've been to Ireland, myself and kissed the Blarney Stone, too, I have !! ( I might, if it's asking nicely ye be, even scan in my certificate to prove it!! )

And it's a disgrace to the Irish I'd be bein' if I hadn't a St. Paddy's day page! And if ye be wonderin' where I'll be spendin' my favorite holiday, it's tellin' ye I am that I'll probably spend St. Paddy's day drinking green beer and singing Irish songs at Dunlevey's Irish Pub in Farmington Hills, which is where I usually end up because that's my most favorite thing to do on St. Patricks day! And my favorite Irish song is "The music of Healing!" Although "Ali Bali" and "the Unicorn" run close seconds.

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